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Top six brain benefits of playing chess

Are you a chess lover? Chess curious? Or perhaps a little intimidated by the game? Chess has a rep of "pastime for the brainy", just like yoga is often seen as a hobby for the most bendy. The truth is, just like yoga stretches us to get more flexible, playing chess can help the old and young alike to flex their neural pathways and develop their brains!

10 awesome creative indoor activities for bored kids

We know the scene: you meant to take the kids to that new whizzy playground in town and get ice cream, but the rain just started hammering. Fret not, kids are born creators – they just need a little inspiration sometimes. Check out our ten boredom-beating ideas for keeping children entertained indoors.

Helping kids' wellbeing through schools

We're more than a little chuffed to announce that Squiggle Premium is now being trialed by two London primary schools.

Top ten tips to keep kids engaged in video calls

Video calls and kids... we've been there... many an iPad or laptop nearly got thrown out of the window too. The stress of trying to keep kids connected with their families, the stress of technology, keeping them engaged once everyone's finally figured out how to 'un-mute' themselves... and tech is meant to make our lives easier, right? Well, the good news is... it can! Read on for our top ten tips for getting kids connected virtually with those they love.

Play chess and checkers in a video call

I'm excited to announce that you can now play chess and checkers (aka draughts) with friends and family, in a Squiggle video call.