Laugh, draw and play together
however far apart you are

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Making video calls fun for kids (and adults!)

Video calls aren't always easy, especially with young kids. Just talking is hard.

Make your video calls with the kids, grandkids and friends more fun with Squiggle's interactive canvas and games!

Play games

Pictionary. Wordsearches. Coloring in. Tic-tac-toe. Get creative!

Secure video calling

Up to four people can join your squiggle to chat while you play together.

Easy to use

Designed with young children in mind, Squiggle is a doddle to use.

Supporting the wellbeing of children

Study after study shows that a top priority for a child's wellbeing and happiness is having positive, supportive relationships - particularly with friends and family.

Talking to the people we love is vital

This is equally important for adults too, particularly those who live alone, are isolating or simply live far away from their family – half an hour connecting with a child they love can be the difference between a good day and a hard day.

But it isn't always easy for a child to engage in a meaningful way in a phone call or video call. And it isn't always easy for an adult to keep them engaged.

Squiggle makes video calls fun for kids (and adults!)

Playing, drawing and getting creative together with Squiggle's interactive video calls helps kids relax while talking, allowing them to open up and have fun with the people they love the most.

Find out more about the importance of social connection.

How to play

It's a piece of cake to start playing Squiggle!

Just follow these three simple steps:


Host a squiggle

Create your squiggle, start your camera and get your unique access codes and invite link.

As the squiggle host you'll be in control.


Invite your friends and family

Share your access codes or invite link with the people you want to squiggle with.

Your squiggle is private and people can only join if they have an invite.


Start squiggling

Once your friends have arrived start squiggling!

Whatever you draw on the interactive canvas will be instantly visible to everyone in real time.


Squiggle is perfect for playing any pencil and paper drawing games, but we also offer some special game modes.

Battleships and the classic pairs memory game are coming soon!

  • Chess
    The timeless game of strategy. Great for all ages.

  • Coloring in
    Choose a picture to color in together. Great for young kids.

  • Pen & paper games
    Get creative!

  • Hangman
    Guess the word. Great spelling practice. Good for kids who can read and write.

  • Mazes
    Find your way through the maze. Great for young kids.

  • Pictionary
    Draw the secret word. We'll give you the words and a timer. Great fun!

  • The Squiggle Game
    Draw a quick squiggle. The other player has to turn it into a picture. Great for young kids.

  • Wordsearches
    Find the missing words. Easy, intermediate or difficult. You can even create your own!


You can play for free but if you want access to longer calls and more features you can subscribe.

Billed monthly. Cancel any time.

Find out more about our pricing options including information about our new Squiggle for Schools program.

Great on touchscreens

Squiggle works brilliantly on touchscreen devices, especially tablets. It's super intuitive for kids to draw with their fingers.

  • Touchscreen-friendly
  • Nothing to download
  • Free to play
  • No sign up required
Squiggle - Laugh, draw and play together, however far apart you are

Inspired by lockdown

Squiggle was born out of watching my two young children trying – but struggling with – the strange new, awkward world of video calls during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Seeing how much they wanted to be with their grandparents and friends (and vice versa), and how deprived of this important contact they suddenly were, got me thinking back to simpler times. The 'tic-tac-toe' and 'hangman' pencil-and-paper games I loved playing as a child with my parents. And how my wife Jo would squiggle on a napkin and challenge our kids to turn it into a picture if they started playing up in a restaurant (a game she used to play with her dad).

As a web developer I realized I could recreate the pencil-and-paper experience online and provide a safe, secure space where loved ones can still play with, talk to and entertain the children in their lives, wherever they are in the world.

What I didn't anticipate was how much Squiggle would benefit my wife and me – and in turn our friends and their families! Before we knew it the kids were asking to 'Squiggle Grandma and Grandad' and we suddenly found an hour or so a day of "virtual" childcare while we worked from home in lockdown.

Nothing can replace the physical time kids spend with their friends and families, but at a time when connection and hugs are so limited, I hope Squiggle can help.

Chief Squiggler




Squiggle - Laugh, draw and play together, however far apart you are

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