Squiggle for schools

Talking to the people we love is vital. Squiggle is supporting the wellbeing of children worldwide.

Support your students’ and pupils’ wellbeing

Schools, colleges and other organizations can now provide all of the benefits of Squiggle’s paid plans to all of their students, pupils and members through our Squiggle for schools program.

Positive relationships are key to childhood wellbeing

Study after study show that a key factor for a child’s wellbeing and happiness is having positive, supportive relationships - particularly with friends and family.

Unfortunately, because of the global pandemic, contact with extended family (especially grandparents) and friends has never been more restricted, while loneliness has never been higher.

Talking to the people we love is vital

Playing, drawing and getting creative together with Squiggle’s interactive video calls helps kids relax while talking, allowing them to open up and have fun with the people they love the most.

This is especially important during these times of lockdown and travel restrictions.

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If you are interested in joining our cost effective Squiggle for schools program please get in touch.

Drop us an email at hello@squiggle.io