Play draughts in a video call

Play draughts online with friends with a Squiggle interactive video call.

Play draughts in a video call

Play draughts in a video call

With Squiggle’s interactive video calls you can play draughts online with your friends and family.

draughts is a brilliant strategy game to play for all ages. It tests your mental agility, forward planning, memory and ruthlessness!

You can play draughts just for fun or you can get competitive.

How to play draughts

More information coming soon, but in the meantime there are plenty of online tutorials available.

Play draughts with Squiggle

Draughts is now available! Play today!

Start the draughts game mode

If you’d like to play draughts with Squiggle you just need to click on the Change game button in the pink game box in the top left corner of the screen.

Change game using the pink game box

Then choose Draughts to activate the game mode.

Choose draughts

Confirm that you are happy for your existing artwork to be cleared.

Confirm you want to continue

A chessboard and draughts pieces will be added to the canvas, ready to play.


Decide who will be black and who will be white. Then simply click and drag your piece to make a move.

Black moves first.

Move your piece

When you are ready to KING your piece, simply double click it to flip it over. If you want to unking your piece double click it again.

How to king

You can restart your game by resetting the squiggle or by clicking on the Restart game button in the top left corner of the screen. This will return the pieces to their starting positions.

Restart game using the pink game box

Your game will be saved so you can always rejoin or resume your squiggle at a later date to continue playing from where you left off.