Play noughts and crosses

Who can get three-in-a-row first. Play a quickfire game of noughts and crosses in a Squiggle video call.

Noughts & crosses

Play noughts and crosses in a video call

noughts and crosses, also known as tic-tac-toe or Xs and Os in a classic pencil and paper game.

It is super quick to learn and good fun even for younger children.

How to play noughts and crosses

  • Two player
  • Ages 3+

Draw a 3x3 grid on the canvas with four lines (or you can use the ready made shape in the toolbar).

One player is Xs and the other is Os.

Take it in turns to draw your mark in the grid.

The winner is the player who can get three of their mark in a line (diagonally, vertically or horizontally).

You can even extend the grid to 5x5 if you want to.